Who Wants a Movie Star Vacation?

Who Wants a Movie Star Vacation?

Who Wants a Movie Star Vacation?

Me! I do! I want to feel like a movie star on vacation. In reality that feeling comes easily at the Discovery Beach House where we specialize in making you feel like a celebrity, but without all the Paparazzi. Apparently, this can be achieved be looking for a vacation on somewhere like Exceptional Villas, so you may be tempted to check them out in the hunt for a lavish time away.

You and your entourage will enjoy a full house staff for your movie star vacation at the Discovery Beach House. We all know movie stars don’t do anything unless they want to. That’s why our staff and concierge are here to help meet your every need and make your vacation all fun and worry free. Just leave the details to us while you lay out by the pool and gaze at the sunset surrounded by nature – you’ll swear you’re on a movie set. Many areas around the world can make you feel like you’re living the life of an A list celebrity, if you’re keen on looking around at your options, research into some of the best hotels in Copenhagen D’Angleterre.

Our concierge will treat you like a celebrity and set up whatever you need. Her service is included with your villa. If you want a rental car waiting for you at the airport, done. If you don’t feel like driving after a day of travel, we’ll have a private shuttle and driver at the airport waiting to pick you up. Or, we can have a rental car delivered right to your beach villa while you do the paperwork relaxing by the pool. We can help you plan tours, dinner reservations, nightlife, and spa reservations. It’s so easy when you’re a star.

You’ll feel like a pampered movie star when instead of going to a spa, the massage therapist arrives and asks, “Excuse me, where would you like to have your 90-minute massage, in your room, by the pool or on the beach?” How good will you feel when you finally get to catch some rays, work on your tan, lounge on a beach chair, laugh, and share good times with your friends and family?

Is your drink empty? No worries. Catch the attention of one of the beach waiters. He’ll run over to get you whatever you want. You won’t have to lift a finger, just a hand to wave and say “Another please” or in Spanish “Otro, por favor.” Celebrities don’t spoil their fun by getting their own drinks.

It will feel amazing not to cook or clean. Your concierge will feel like your new best friend and personal assistant. She can schedule a personal chef to prepare one, two, or even three meals a day for you. Your personal chef will do meal planning with you. Then, he’s off to do the shopping. He’ll prepare a fantastic meal for you and your entourage to enjoy in your movie set surroundings (only it’s all real). Manuela will keep your private beach getaway so clean, you won’t have to do a thing.

You’re the star of your vacation at the Discovery Beach House. We look forward to pampering you in paradise. And if you start to miss the paparazzi, we’ll be happy to capture a few memories for you.

Come and visit us. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us. Check out our YouTube Channel and follow our Blog, for fun and pertinent content about our three local hot spots; Manuel Antonio, Quepos, and the Marina. You’ll leave having experienced the best place to vacation in Costa Rica.

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