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Ticos on the World Cup Soccer Stage

Oleeé Olé Olé Oleé Ticos Ticooos…

You are going to hear this chant a lot during the World Cup 2018 if you are visiting Costa Rica this June. The Costa Rican team, locally known as La Sele (the Selection) has made it again; they are so proud, as they should be. The team has risen up from humble origins to qualify for the World Cup for a second time consecutively. The Costa Rican team will battle it out on the field with their fellow Group E teams including Serbia, Brazil, and Switzerland.

They managed to outplay both Italy and Uruguay, former champions, known as part of the “Group of Death” in the last World Cup. Surely they can make some magic happen again this time around. We all wait with baited breath to see just how resilient La Sele can be out on the playing field. Anything is possible.

Everyone in Costa Rica is craving a win, one game at a time. You’ll see the blue, yellow, and white jerseys in every bar and restaurant you visit, loyal supporters rooting for their team.

If you get a chance to watch the Costa Rican team play in the World Cup games, you will enjoy the high level of excitement. A proud country will watch their team give their all on the world stage. Oleeé Olé Olé Oleé Ticos Ticooos. Good luck Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Game Schedule:

Costa Rica v. Serbia June 17
Costa Rica v. Brazil June 22
Costa Rica v. Switzerland June 27

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