Nature Phenomenon – Rentals Near National Park in Costa Rica Get Monkey Visits!

Nature Phenomenon – Rentals Near National Park in Costa Rica Get Monkey Visits!

Titi monkey
Titi monkey

If you’re an animal-lover looking for an over-the-top nature experience, spend some time in a vacation rental home near Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica just a 10-minute drive from the town of Quepos on the Pacific coast. Iguanas, birds, sloths and many other animals can be found in this park known as the “Jewel of Costa Rica,” but its biggest draw is its 3 species of monkeys, the Mantled Howler, Red-backed Squirrel and White-faced Capuchin.

Howler MonkeyWhen the park boundaries were established in 1972 no one told the monkeys and they continue to roam freely outside the park even today. Several of Manuel Antonio’s 130 vacation rental homes fall within the “Monkey Corridor,” the natural foraging route of these popular primates. Many of Manuel Antonio’s vacation rentals play host to more of the national park’s wildlife depending upon the vegetation and location of each home.

Brad and Melissa Welter from Lewiston, Idaho spent a week in a vacation villa in Manuel Antonio, “We sat on the balcony one whole afternoon watching and listening to the monkeys. It was such a peaceful and wonderful atmosphere.”

Jeni Krieger from New York, a recent guest at a vacation home in Manuel Antonio describes it this way, “It’s a reverse zoo of sorts.” The home she and her friend, Darlene Doll, rented to celebrate their birthdays featured floor to ceiling glass views of the rain forest. While they monkey-watched from the inside, the monkeys people-watched from the outside. Monkeys have such a natural curiosity you find yourself wondering who’s watching who.

Capuchins at the poolFor homes lucky enough to lie within the Monkey Corridor monkeys running along handrails and on rooftops is all part of the Eco-adventure. There’s one caveat, however, don’t feed the monkeys! Not only is it unhealthy for them but it’s an open invitation to come inside.

If monkeys and nature are your “thing” and you’d like to experience nature’s phenomenons up close and personal, check on line for vacation rental homes in Manuel Antonio that get regular monkey visits. You can also call ahead and ask the vacation home owner or rental agent. Enjoy your Eco-adventure in Manuel Antonio and take plenty of photos and video to go along with the great stories you’ll have to tell.

One thing is for sure – you won’t get visitors like this back home!

Paradise Awaits!


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