Elephant Nature Park

Elephant Nature Park

Today was an amazing day beginning with unloading two tons of watermelons from one of the many produce trucks that come in every day. Each watermelon needs to be washed by hand. We also mashed bananas, cornmeal and other grains into elephant balls for the older elephants who can’t chew fresh fruit. Each elephant needs about 100 kilos per day. Their are 40 elephants here – that’s 4000 kilos of food prepped everyday!

We were then rewarded with Lek taking us on an elephant walk. Her nickname means “little” but her passion for saving badly abused elephants is enormous. Nine elephants are blind in at least one eye having been punished for disobeying. I naively believed their mahout trainers had a loving relationship with their elephants but the opposite is true. Some elephants have severely swayed or even broken backs from decades of carrying tourists.

Watch the video here.

Find out what you can do here: www.elephantnaturepark.org/.

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