Costa Rica 50 Shades of Green Energy

Costa Rica 50 Shades of Green Energy

Costa Rica 50 Shades of Green Energy

Costa Rica Electricity 99.56% Renewable Energy

Have you immersed yourself in research for your Costa Rica vacation? Have you noticed recent articles or posts about how green Costa Rica is? I don’t mean the usual 50 shades of green you think of when you picture Costa Rica.

Let’s talk about energy, green energy. Few people know Costa Rica now runs almost 100% off renewable energies. For most of 2018, Costa Rica ran off renewable energies, about 99.56% of the time. Renewable energy isn’t new for Costa Rica. They got a head start on this trend in 2014. Costa Rica’s goal is to be carbon neutral by 2021.

I’m impressed such a small country can make such a significant impact on the environment. Costa Rica is a great example for other countries to follow.

Volcano Power

Costa Rica uses geothermal energy from volcanoes to generate electricity. They harness the heat from volcanoes to make steam; the steam turns turbines to generate electricity. How cool is that?

Blowing in the Wind

As you drive through the cloud forest on your way to Lake Arenal, you’ll pass wind farms perched on hilltops. Costa Rica also uses windmills to crank out energy. Not much grows up here, so this is a perfect place to harvest the power of the wind to generate electricity for Costa Rica.

Dam It

After the cloud forest you drop down into the Arenal area. There’s a massive hydropower plant here. The dam holds Lake Arenal reservoir in a beautiful green valley at the base of the Arenal volcano. Close your eyes (only if it’s safe to) and imagine a Jurassic Park type volcano. Arenal volcano is a tall cone-shaped volcano that juts out of the valley with a bright green jungle that covers one side; the other side has lava charred black sections from past eruptions. It’s such a beautiful winding drive around Lake Arenal, you should take the trip if you get a chance. This hydropower plant generates most of the electrical power for Costa Rica.

Discover Our Green Side

By now, I’m sure you’re impressed with what this peaceful, beautiful country is doing. Costa Rica is well on its way to prevent the use of single-use plastics like straws, utensils, and plastic bags. Some restaurants now use avocado pits, bamboo, and reusable metal straws. We think this is great for the wildlife and environment here.

We ask when on your Costa Rica vacation you think green too. You can do simple things like, opt for the better sunscreens that don’t hurt the oceans or reefs in our area. Don’t buy bug repellents that smell like awful chemicals. The chemicals are not good for your skin and worse for the environment. Instead, use sunscreens with natural ingredients such as lemongrass, citronella, and lavender, which are great repellents for bugs and mosquitoes. Plus, you’ll still smell nice. Who wants to smell like a DEET chemical factory? I once sprayed my bare feet with a product that contained DEET. That night when I took off my flip flops, my feet looked like I still had my flip flops on! The DEET caused the black dye to stain my feet, which couldn’t have been a good thing, ya think?  Even a simple act like buying better sunscreen or repellents can have a positive impact on our beautiful environment.

At Discovery Beach House, We Do Our Part!

We do our best to be green. When my husband, David, and I built the Discovery Beach House, we wanted to have the lowest impact on the environment possible. We installed our own private waste treatment plant to ensure we wouldn’t contaminate the grounds or the beach. We took care to locate our villa so we wouldn’t have to cut trees. We planted 75 new trees, which is one reason the monkeys love to visit us almost daily. The trees are their jungle highways and how they get around the Manuel Antonio area.

As our guest, we have individual recycle bins to help you contribute to being green by placing cans, plastics, organics, or glass in the appropriate bins.  We make sure they go to the proper recycling company. We can all do a small part to help keep Costa Rica beautiful and green.

Green Gardens

Beautiful gardens surround our Costa Rica luxury villa. When you visit us, we encourage you to take a moment to stop and smell the tropical flowers. We plant native trees and vegetation the local wildlife loves. Hundreds of local tropical flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds and make the Discovery Beach House’s gardens their home. Be sure to breathe in that fresh clean rainforest air on your stroll.

See You Soon

We look forward to your vacation with us. If you haven’t read our other articles, please check them out here. Please follow us on Instagram @discoverybeachouse. For more information or to check our availability, visit our website at Discovery Beach House. Watch our YouTube Channel for more information on Manuel Antonio, the best spot to vacation in Costa Rica.

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