• Morris and Eleanor Givner December 22, 2016 at 12:13 am

    As a family,we were 10 days at the Discovery House in Costa Rica,went to the beach,restaurants and Don’s 9 hour jeep tour of the region and encountered zero problem with any insects. In fact,we saw a green ant army in the jungle carrying incredible loads to achieve their building goals-we shouldn’t fear insects but learn from them.Many are the great pollinators of the world and without them mankind would struggle to survive. Mankind has stupidly allowed the big chemical industry to produce pesticides that threaten the existence of bees and butterflies. We better wake-up before it is too late as our oceans are dying from
    manmade plastics and the consequences of burning fossil fuels.Corals are also dying from the poisons man has unconscionably introduced into the environment. Nuclear accidents have irreparably damaged vast areas in Chernobyl and Japan. Some radioactive isotopes last and kill for thousands of years.
    For whom does the bell toll? You and future generations.

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