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5 Hidden Truths That Will Overcome Your Vacation Rental Fears

5 Hidden Truths That Will Overcome Your Vacation Rental Fears

5 Hidden Truths That Will Overcome Your Vacation Rental Fears

Are you losing sleep over your family’s next foreign destination vacation? Are you worried they’ll get sick, they won’t be safe or just be plain miserable with your choice once they get there? Stop and take a deep breath then let out an enormous sigh of relief because these hidden truths about Costa Rica are about to make your decision a whole lot easier.

Hidden Truth #1: You Can Drink the Water

If you’ve traveled to places like Mexico you’ve probably learned to avoid the Big 3; water, salads and unpeeled fruit. These can all contain bacteria that will ruin a vacation faster than an iguana can snap up a juicy grasshopper. The good news is the tap water is safe to drink in cities and towns throughout Costa Rica. If you don’t even drink the water from your faucet at home, bottled water is readily available everywhere. You can also safely eat all the food including salads.

Hidden Truth #2: Costa Rica is the Happiest Country on the Planet

Travelers are just beginning to discover the Pura Vida (pure living) lifestyle enjoyed by Costa Ricans. Ticos don’t rush (with the exception of loco taxi drivers) or let much bother them. According to the New Economics Foundation Costa Ricans live longer, happier and more stress-free lives. They rank Costa Rica #1 on its “Happy Planet Index” making it the favorite nation in which to retire. Perhaps this is why out of a small population of 4.5 million nearly 300,000 expats have taken up residence there.

Hidden Truth #3: There’s Security Everywhere

  • Costa Rica employs more teachers than police, so Its residents hire private security. You’ll find security guards inside malls, on bicycles patrolling parking lots and in banks and many other businesses.
  • Residents of many neighborhoods contribute to the safety of their communities by hiring private guards.
  • A significant number of luxury vacation rental homeowners in Costa Rica are responding to the current global climate of fear by providing security guards for their guests’ peace of mind.

Hidden Truth #4: Costa Rica was the First Country to Abolish its Army

In 1948 Costa Rica abolished its army. Since then it’s been a peaceful and democratic nation. Funds formerly spent on the military are now budgeted for education and universal healthcare improving life for the average Costa Rican.

Hidden Truth #5: Costa Rica is Considered the Switzerland of Central America

Geographically both countries are small and have beautiful mountains, but this moniker was earned by its former president Oscar Arias when he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987 for his pivotal role in bringing peace to Central America.

So, stop obsessing endlessly over where to reserve your next vacation rental home because these hidden truths will allow your family to eat, drink and be merry in Costa Rica. Exercise the same common sense you would anywhere else in the world and visiting the Happiest Country on the Planet may just turn out to be the most amazing vacation your family has ever had.

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