One Month Wasn’t Nearly Enough

Adrienne Knoll and Ardis & Chuck Zander returned for the second time to our Manuel Antonio vacation rental. They spent a month relaxing and thought they’d be ready to go home by the end, but they were wrong…they still didn’t want their  Costa Rica beach vacation to end! Their extended one-month stay allowed their children to visit them at their convenience. Sometimes our guests get misty-eyed when it comes time to leave.

Chuck Zander

Tucson, AZ

“We thought after 2 weeks last year that a month this year would be just about right. Wrong again – no one wants to go home!

As “Desert Rats” from Arizona we again were amazed by the beautiful setting you have created for this wonderful home.  Susan the Concierge, the cleaning ladies and the yardmen were again just fantastic.

The consideration of a place similar or better than this is just downright impossible!

Our very best to you and yours and thanks again.”