Just What the Doctor Ordered

Brent and Bronwyn McFarlen enjoyed reconnecting with their family during a Costa Rica beach vacation at our Manuel Antonio vacation rental with their 2 teenage children who each brought a friend. Brent nearly didn’t make it to Costa Rica after being in a near fatal car accident that landed him in the Intensive Care Unit of his local hospital. Recuperation on a quiet, private nature reserve and our Discovery Beach House customized 6-star service was just what the doctor ordered.

Brent & Bronwyn McFarlen, Allisa, Olivia, Liam and Glen

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

“What can I say about your beautiful home, wonderful staff and amazing country, I’m speechless! Today is a very sad morning that we have to leave here and return to the cold and snow of Oakville, Ontario, Canada (west of Toronto).

Your house was such a treat to stay in, the plants, the beds, the balcony, the pool & hot tub.  We had monkeys (white face) visit us every day, sometimes 3 or 4 times, one day we had 8.  Lizards, small rodents, which looked like guinea pigs [tempesquintles] and so many wonderful song birds.  Oh, and can’t forget our sloth friend.

Your staff were wonderful.  Thank you Susan for booking all of our amazing excursions (zipline, park tour, deep sea fishing, ATV tour) and for retrieving my lost Visa card. Whew! Your husband’s restaurant, “Villas Nicolas” was sooo good.  Thank you Juan for keeping the grounds beautiful, teaching us Spanish, helping us so, so much. Smiling Juan, you made our trip very special. Your guard dogs: Frida and Diego (in training).  Diego and I are best of pals, Frida not so much.  Cleaning ladies Lilliam (most of the week) and Gabriela (Friday & Saturday) were so great.  House was kept spotless, lots of fresh towels and bedding. They even washed our clothes, what service!

Costa Rica is now by far our favourite sunshine destination.  The jungle, the beach, the food (my new favourite cuisine, sorry Italy) and the people (nicest and most patient with our poor Spanish).  Thank you Evelyn for letting us switch our week from July to January. Oops, almost forgot Desiree, our chef for two days. OMG!! The food was the best we have ever had and such a wonderful lady.”